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Amul-Nandini controversy: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told which milk she drinks?

New Delhi:For the last few days, milk has become a political issue. A war has started between Amul Doodh and Nandini Milk in Karnataka. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman spoke today in the midst of politics over milk. he/she said that it is being deliberately made an election issue. he/she said that buying Amul milk from anywhere is not against Karnataka or the people of Karnataka. She said that she also buys Amul milk herself. he/she said that the Amul brand of Gujarat came to Karnataka when the Congress government was here. he/she said that things are distorted and presented. It was deliberately made an emotive issue because elections are round the corner.

buys amul milk in delhi

The Finance Minister said that whenever I come to Karnataka, Nandini eats milk, curd, Peda. But when I live in Delhi, I buy milk from Amul there. It does not mean that it is against Karnataka. She said that I represent Karnataka in Delhi, but it does not mean that I say that Nandini milk is not available there, I will not buy milk. There I buy Amul products and it is not against Karnataka.

politics on milk

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday alleged that Amul-Nandini has been made an emotive issue in view of next month’s assembly elections in Karnataka. Things have been twisted and an emotional issue has been made as it is election time in Karnataka, he/she said. Assembly elections in Karnataka are to be held on May 10. The Union Minister said that it is shameless to suddenly say that Amul is being brought to Karnataka to kill Nandini. he/she alleged that Gujarat-based dairy cooperative Anand Milk Union Limited (Amul) had entered Karnataka when the Congress came to power.

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Amul came under the rule of Karnataka

he/she said, Amul entered Karnataka when there was a Congress-led government. I am not sure if I should name the Chief Minister of that time. The same respected former chief minister is now questioning the entry of Amul. It was during his/her time, when Amul entered North Karnataka.The Finance Minister was answering a question regarding the Amul-Nandini controversy during an interaction with Thinkers Forum, Karnataka here.Amul-Nandini is an important issue ahead of the elections. The issue has become an issue, as the opposition Congress and JD-S have alleged that the ruling BJP is trying to eliminate Nandini by merging it with Amul. Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) produces milk, yogurt and other products under the Nandini brand name. Sells dairy products. Frankly speaking, it has been twisted and made an emotional issue because it is election time. Instead of creating a healthy competition and a positive story, the issue was distorted.

Buying Amul is not against Karnataka

Sitharaman said, every state in India has its own milk cooperative society. Nandini of Karnataka.. who doesn’t recognize this? Even now when I have come, I had Nandini’s milk, curd, peda. Of course I will buy Amul in Delhi. I represent Karnataka in Delhi, I am not a mental sannyasin to say that I will not drink milk if Nandini is not available. I still buy Amul. It is not against Karnataka.

Nandini also sells its products in other states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, as dairy products from other states are also available in Karnataka, she added. I would say there is good competition, she added. So the idea is to strengthen India in every way. This is the reason why India has become the world’s largest milk producer. he/she clarified that Nandini and dairy farmers in Karnataka will continue to be strengthened. he/she said that there is no need to bring farmers and women into political issue.

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Stating that there is a need to support the milk farmers of Karnataka, Sitharaman claimed that this is B.S. The Yeddyurappa-led BJP government had increased the purchase price of milk for the first time. Again, the present BJP government has increased the price by Rs 5, he/she said. Therefore, the support to milk farmers will continue.

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