Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

America reveals B-21 bomber in California, can create havoc anywhere in the world

B-21 Raider: The United States has unveiled the B-21 Raider stealth bomber, the world’s first sixth-generation aircraft. It will soon be given to the US Air Force. This bomber has been developed by Northrop Grumman. Its chief executive officer, Kathy Warden, says that Northrop Grumman’s team creates technology that advances science by looking at the future.

He says that the B-21 defines a new era in raider technology. Along with this, it will also work to strengthen America. In a ceremony held in California, US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said that the B-21 is an aircraft to last for decades. He has also made it clear that the B-21 bomber will not be theatre-based. It will not require logistic support to kill any target. The biggest thing is that you will have to struggle to find out.

Features of B-21 Bomber

Along with this, Austin has also said that the B-21 bomber will be the most maintainable bomber ever. It has been developed to accurately hit both conventional and nuclear ammunition. He said that this aircraft will also be able to gather intelligence by integrating with allies and partners.

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Aircraft named after Medal of Honor raider

Apart from this, in a statement, Northrop Grumman has described the B-21 raider as the backbone for the US Air Force. In its sixth generation, it will have capabilities like gathering information, stealth attack. This is going to be a milestone in American military history. The aircraft is also named after its nickname “Raider”, derived from the Doolittle Raid of 1942, in which Lt. Col. James Doolittle led forces in the first attack against Tokyo and the Japanese islands during World War II. did.

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The brave spirit of the Doolittle Raiders is the inspiration behind the B-21 Raider’s name, Northrop said. All of Doolittle’s aircraft were destroyed during the bombing, but he stayed on the front until the end. He was awarded the Medal of Honor and was promoted to brigadier general upon his return to the United States.

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