Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Amazing! Write down the names of all the movies you have seen, a person shares Grandfather’s diary, Internet users are surprised

We all watch films but we remember the names of many. Maybe some will remember. But if we say that a person has information about each and every film. Then you will be surprised. But it’s true. A person recently shared his/her grandfather’s diary on Twitter. In that he/she has kept the record of every film. When and where did you see which film, everything is neatly written. Seeing this, you can track which film came short and where it was installed.

Sharing the diary on Twitter, user @iamakshi_06 wrote, “Long time ago, my grandfather made his/her own letterbox. In this, he/she used to keep a record of the films that he/she had seen. I am surprised that he/she saw Hitchcock and James Bond films in theatres. It’s a passion. Obviously, Ambe Vaa (1966) was inspired by Come September (1961) and my grandfather had seen both the films in theatres. Later he/she told that Dadaji kept an eye on the films from 1958 to 1974 and till the last page 40 films were written.

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