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Amazing! What have you found, now Pragyan on Mission ‘H’, Karishma on the moon!

If water is found, then the possibility of life

India is the first country to reach the South Pole of the Moon. There have always been such facts about the south pole of the moon that there is water in the form of ice. The presence of water can also prove to be proof of life on the moon. The water of life is very important. But it has other uses too. If water is found on the moon, it can be used to keep machines cool and make rocket fuel, which can be very beneficial for many space missions.

just waiting to get hydrogen

just waiting to get hydrogen

Getting hydrogen after oxygen on the moon can be an important discovery in space. After this discovery, space agencies will be able to think of missions one step ahead. Astronaut can be easily sent to the moon. Water will be available for drinking and keeping the machines cool. Apart from this, breathable air or fuel can also be made. Apart from this, water on the moon has pure scientific significance. This can be used as a record of geological activity on the Moon. With its help, volcanoes on the moon, and even an asteroid strike can also act as a tracker. Whenever it comes to water on the moon, most of its signs come from the poles.

So far Pragyan has discovered these elements

So far Pragyan has discovered these elements

Please tell that our Pragyan Rover has discovered many elements on the south pole of the moon. ISRO According to ISRO, aluminum, calcium, iron, chromium, titanium, manganese, silicon and oxygen have been detected on the moon. ISRO said that as expected, aluminium, calcium and oxygen were also detected. The search for hydrogen continues. ISRO said that this has been possible through the Laser Driven Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS) instrument mounted on the rover.

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