Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

Amazing! Shopper cheated online company, returned pebbles instead of goods…

Online Shoppers Fraud With Amazon: Nowadays it has become easy for people to buy household items because all the work is done through small gadgets i.e. mobiles in our hands. Where for small things one has to run to the market and where now on one click things appear in front. However, there are risks associated with it as well, which sometimes become overwhelming. This time the company was robbed by the customer during online shopping.

You must have seen a lot of cheating with online shoppers, but what has happened this time is a different kind of scam. Some boys together used to ask for goods on Amazon (Amazon scam by returning pebbles instead of items) and then defrauded the company. According to the report of Daily Star, the age of these boys is around 22 years and they defrauded the biggest shopping company of Rs 3 crore.

Cheated the company through online shopping
Not one, 3-3 boys took advantage of online shopping and ordered electric things from Amazon. Then, taking advantage of the company’s prompt return policy, he/she put in a request for a refund. After this, the package was sent back to the retailer, although this time the package did not contain the items he/she ordered but pieces of stones and pebbles. All the three boys are residents of Majorca, Spain and they have been charged with fraud. After the matter reached the court, these boys returned the money in bitcoin. Then this money was converted into Euro and the case was withdrawn after the company got all the money.

Fooled 200 times in 2 years
This idea came to the three boys in the year 2017. After this, about 200 times between 2017 and 2019, he/she ordered things and instead packed stones and returned them. The loophole found in this whole story was in the return policy of the company. As soon as the goods reached, the boys used to put a return request stating some problem and demanded a refund. In this case, all the three boys have been sentenced to jail for fraud and each one will have to pay a fine of about 1 lakh.

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