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Amazing feature is coming in WhatsApp, no one will be able to read personal chat even after knowing the password – Presswire18 English

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WhatsApp gave a new feature to millions of users to maintain privacy.

WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging app. Today crores of people use WhatsApp. This is the reason why the company keeps bringing new features from time to time for the safety and privacy of the users. Now the company has given a new feature so that WhatsApp users can keep chatting with their people without any worries and their privacy is maintained.

In the digital world, people do not want to compromise with their privacy in any way. WhatsApp also takes care of this. This is the reason why the company has already launched many privacy and safety features. Now WhatsApp has given an extra layer of protection in the message section.

Now no one will be able to read secret chats

Let us tell you that the chat lock feature was introduced by WhatsApp only a few months ago. With its help, you can lock WhatsApp chat through a separate pass code. This pass code feature is different from smartphone lock. If you have set a passcode, then even if someone else knows your phone’s password, he/she will not be able to read your chats.

Chat lock will work on all linked devices

Now WhatsApp has made this chat lock feature more advanced than before. Now the company has made this chatlock feature available on mobile phones as well as linked devices. This means that if you lock your primary device chat and then link WhatsApp on another device, it will automatically become active on the other device.

This new feature of Chat Lock is going to be very beneficial for those users who login to their WhatsApp account on different devices. Earlier, users were at risk of privacy leaking from other devices but now this will not happen. Let us tell you that at present this feature is available only on Android beta version.

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