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Along with the eyes, the brightness of the phone is also dangerous for the brain, how much should it be set?


If you are sitting in the dark, then up to 30% display brightness is enough for the health of the eyes.
If you are outside in sunlight the ideal brightness is 50% or higher.

We have been using smartphones for years, and we have always been hearing that smartphones are dangerous for the eyesight. But there is one question which surely very few people would be thinking. That is, how much brightness is perfect for our eyes? Let us tell you today the answer to this question…

If you are indoors, the best screen brightness for the eyes on an Android or iOS mobile phone is 30%. But if you are outside and in sunlight then the correct brightness is 50%.

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That is, if you are in the room, sitting in the dark, then up to 30% display brightness is enough for the health of the eyes. On the other hand, if you are out in the sunlight, then set it to 50% or 60% or use the adaptive screen brightness mode. While going out, the use of screen adapter brightness proves to be very useful. Due to this, the brightness of the phone is set according to the outside light.

High brightness affects the eyes as well as the brain
Many people also say that when they set the screen brightness to medium or slightly higher, and look at the phone for a long time, it affects their brain. Sometimes people get a little dizzy due to this.

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In most phones, brightness setup is available in the setting option. By going to the setting, you will get the option of Display, brightness can be set in it.

how to protect eyes from mobile screen,
1) There are many ways in which you can protect your eyes from your mobile phone, this includes night mode, use of blue filter and reduce the brightness of your screen.

2) Using night mode, the phone is set to a correct brightness, which does not affect the eyes.

3) The second one is Blue Light Filter. This is good for the eyes. It helps to protect eyes from strong light rays especially at night and when your screen brightness is low.

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Although the screen brightness feature is now available on all mobile phones, but if this feature is not available in your phone, then you can download and install this blue light filter for your mobile phone.

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