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‘Aliens’ bump into people everyday in this city! 6000 people claimed, what is its truth?

6000 People From Same Town Claims Encounter With Aliens: Humans have traveled from cave life to moon. Now his/her desire is to meet the creatures of other planets, which probably exist but we do not know much about them. However, there is a city where not a few but 6000 people claim that they keep meeting aliens.

You must have heard different claims about aliens. In many reports, it was even said that the US Defense Department has its evidence and documents have also been presented on behalf of the Pentagon. Amidst all kinds of talks about flying saucers and people from other planets, a city in Britain is also in discussion, where thousands of people are claiming to have seen flying saucers and aliens.

Aliens are found while roaming on the way
According to the report of Daily Star, this place is in Stirling, Scotland. Here people have claimed to have seen mysterious aircraft in the sky above Bonnybridge. People living here claim that they have seen UFOs very closely and this process has been going on for almost 20 years. People claim to see crop circles and strange things in the sky here. Not only this, there are rumors that aliens also abduct people from here. In this matter, local councilor Billy Buchanan has demanded a government inquiry.

How much truth behind the claims?
This incident is happening at this place since the year 1992. According to Billy Buchanan, UFO experts have come here many times for investigation, but no one could tell about the triangular things seen hundreds of times in the sky. Nothing can be said about the veracity of these claims. Many companies say that people used to disappear for weeks and sometimes years, taking the excuse of kidnapping of aliens. Some people claimed that green creatures also did experiments on them.

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