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Alexei Navalny Documentary: Russian President Putin created Poison Squad to kill his/her enemy, who is Alexei Navalny?

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin will be in shock at this time. Applause is now ringing for his/her enemy Alexi Navalni, whom he/she does not want to bring in front of the world. A documentary on Navalni has received the Best Documentary Award at the Oscars 2023 held in Los Angeles, USA on Sunday. While Navalini received this honor at the 95th Academy Awards, where it is going to increase her stature, it is another subject of criticism for Putin. The speech delivered by Navalini’s wife Yulia Navalnaya on the occasion was also an emotional moment. Yulia has been with Alexey for the last 23 years. Know who is Alexi Navalini and why Putin is afraid of him/her.

voice against putin

After receiving the Oscar, Navlini’s wife Yulia said that her husband was kept in jail only because he/she had spoken the truth. Her husband is getting punished for saving democracy. Yulia asked her husband to stay strong and hoped that one day he/she would definitely come out. Navalini, 47, is the man who claims to have a complete diary of President Putin’s dark deeds.

A lawyer by profession, Navlini runs a campaign against corruption. he/she has been raising his/her voice against Putin’s rule for the last several years. If the documentary is to be believed, Putin is so scared of Navalini that even her name has been banned in Russia. Navalini is a member of Russia’s Opposition Cooperation Council and leader of the Russia of the Future party. By the year 2021, his/her channel on YouTube had more than six million subscribers. he/she is seen as the next President of Russia. In the year 2018, he/she also contested the presidential election.
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how did you become popular
In 2011, Navlini had termed Putin’s party United Russia as a gang of ‘thieves and thugs’ in a radio interview. Navalini started getting popularity from this interview itself. Navalini and his/her Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) began to reveal the names of high-ranking Russian officials and their associates who were involved in corruption. Navalini had investigated against all these in her own way. Navalini is also a blogger and her voice was being termed as a big threat to Putin.

Putin made a special team
Since 2020, Putin has been aggressive against him/her. In August 2020, he/she was given Novichok, the most dangerous poison in Serbia. he/she went into a coma and his/her team took him/her to Germany for treatment. From here he/she was sent back to Russia. he/she returned to Moscow on 17 January 2021 and was immediately arrested.

How big a threat Navalini is to Putin can be gauged from the fact that an entire ‘Poison Squad’ was prepared to find out how to poison him/her. According to the Netherlands-based Bellingcat Investigator magazine, this special team of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) had tracked 40 flights by which Navalini was traveling. The aim of this team was to kill him/her.
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born in ukraine
Born in Ukraine, Navlini accused President Putin that he/she had built a palatial house for himself in Gelendzhik. Navalini said that the bribe that Putin has taken for this cannot even be imagined. Navalini and his/her team claimed that they have all the evidence to prove their point. he/she said that even those close to Putin are trying to save him/her. These are the people who have helped Putin hide billions of dollars.

girlfriends information
Navalini also reported on Putin’s girlfriends Svetlana Krivonogikh and Alina Kabaeva. These videos related to Putin were viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube in less than a day. This video got 92 million views in a week. Putin was so nervous that he/she ordered his/her spokesman Dmitry Peskov to hold a media conference. In this conference, Peskov termed Navalini’s investigation as a ‘scam’. Peskov called Navlini a scoundrel and said that there is no point in listening to such people.

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