Sunday, June 4th, 2023

ALERT! Big threat to internet users, hackers will have complete control of your device, know how



  • Big threat to internet users
  • Hackers can hack your device
  • Your system will be completely controlled

New Delhi. Do you use the Internet a lot? If yes, then let us tell you that you are in danger. We are saying this because hackers are becoming able to completely control your system or any device. Hackers take full control of any device and then carry out any suspicious activity.

Indeed, a major vulnerability has been spotted in the Apache Java logging library, Log4j. It is used to control different servers. All this affects large companies as well as some third-party small companies. The main issue with this new vulnerability is that almost any hacker can easily gain control of the server and also take control of other systems or devices that use the server.

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Biggest threat ever – Experts
Indian cyber security agency CERT-In has also issued an alert. This alert has been issued against a new vulnerability with a ‘High’ rating. Talking about Log4j, it is a popular Java-based logging package. It is created by the Apache Software Foundation. All versions of this software from version 2.0-beta-9 to version 2.14.1 are severely affected by the vulnerability. If we talk about its latest version, which is 2.15.0, a fix was made available for it. This would be challenging for servers that update patches to use their software. This threat has been described as the biggest by cyber security experts.

Hackers control your device
If we talk about the Indian nodal cyber security agency, according to it, the hacker can sit anywhere for the vulnerability. He doesn’t need to come near you. Even sitting remotely, a hacker can gain full control over the target server. The hacker injects a payload into the device. If the hacker succeeds in a vulnerability, they can execute anyone they want. How he takes control of the target server.

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One of the platforms where the vulnerability was successful is the popular game Minecraft. It is an online gaming platform. On this, some users wrote only short messages in the chat box and hacked the other person’s system and gained complete control over it. Let us tell you that Microsoft is the owner of Minecraft. The company has already released a patch to fix this. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that after updating this version, no user will be troubled by this vulnerability. Apple, Amazon and Twitter are also included in this list which have suffered.

Cybersecurity expert Marcus Hutchins says that this log4j (CVE-2021-44228) vulnerability is extremely bad. Millions of applications Log4j are used for its logging. Explain that all hackers require the app to login in a special string. So far iCloud, Steam and Minecraft are all confirmed to be affected.

If we talk about who first found this flaw, then let us tell you that for the first time in November, it was detected by the cyber security team of a Chinese tech giant Alibaba. This vulnerability was developed in just two weeks.




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