Monday, February 6th, 2023

Akshara Singh’s anger erupts over alleged leaked MMS, soaking YouTubers during live session

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh has been in the news for some time due to an alleged MMS. A lot of news is also coming out about that video on social media. It was being claimed by the people that Akshara Singh is seen in the video. She is seen with a person without clothes. Now the actress has responded to all this. At the same time, those who spread such news are also well punished.

Akshara Singh has shared a video on Instagram. In this, he has narrated well to the YouTubers who spread the fake video. Posting the video, the actress has also written a caption – Your work will drown with you. I won’t mind. And yes you didn’t come live because of fear. Ordinary girls don’t worry. He came so that no heat should come on him. Cheer for Sherawali.

Akshara Singh’s reply to YouTubers
In the video, the actress said that there are YouTubers, who are spreading such videos, which have nothing to do with reality even far and wide. where nothing is true. You will spread it in the society in this way. You’re not doing me any worse than that. You are doing bad for mothers, sisters and daughters in the times to come. Because karma bears fruit.

Akshara Singh MMS: After Anjali Arora, Akshara Singh’s alleged MMS leak? Know the truth of the crying video of the actress
Akshara Singh said – I will not be able to waste my hard work
He further said in the video that it would be easy for you to say or write anything about anyone. Because you can earn some money from YouTube by auctioning someone’s respect, but keep your family in this place and think because it will not make any difference to me. You will spoil my image. If you waste my hard work for so many days, then you cannot do this. But I will pray that you don’t go wrong.

Akshara Singh: By calling fake poster MMS, you are defaming… Akshara Singh told the conspiracy to fake video
Akshara Singh prayed with folded hands
Akshara said that without asking the artist. It is wrong to spread something like this without knowing both the sides. She is not afraid of anyone by the way because she is strong. But think about those girls of the society who are common, they are ruining their lives. This is very sensitive topic. Akshara Singh further said that for the mentally ill people who are spreading such news, she will pray that they get good sense.

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