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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Akash Ambani will be a billionaire’s son, Shloka proved through a video that no one can stand before his/her wife

In Indian homes, husbands often say jokingly that we have no say in front of our wife. Whatever happens, she has to do what she wants. Now you must be thinking that this would be the story of just a common man’s house, but it is not so, the Ambani family is also in a similar situation.

Everyone knows that the wedding functions of Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani’s beloved son Anant are going on in full swing. Now when there is a wedding in such a big family of the country, everything goes viral. In such a situation, the video of Mameru ritual has also gone viral. Where even Akash is not able to do anything in front of Shloka. By the way, the reason behind the wives only having their way is also very interesting.

Akash loses to Shloka

Mukesh Ambani’s elder son Akash Ambani loves his/her wife Shloka Mehta very much. That is why he/she gives in to her stubbornness, something similar was seen in the Mameru ritual before Anant Ambani’s wedding. In a viral video, Shloka is insisting on putting a badge on Akash’s kurta. Akash may be refusing, but Shloka’s expressions clearly show that she will not agree.

Watch the video of Akash-Shloka

Wives take extra care

Wives take extra care

It would not be wrong to say that wives take extra care of their husbands. This can be understood by looking at Akash and Shloka. How Shloka is taking such care of even a small thing. Now even if she has to resort to her own means for this care, she does not step back at all. Almost every Indian woman is in the same situation.

Trying to show the best to the husband

Trying to show the best to the husband

When a woman is going to a party, how she looks is more important than whether her husband looks handsome or not. She always tries to make sure that her husband looks the best. For this, she tries every small and big thing. She keeps her husband’s status high in front of the society.

every thing needs to be perfect

every thing needs to be perfect

Often you must have seen that women want everything to be perfect. And, even after becoming a wife, this habit does not leave them. From food to clothes, everything in the house is kept according to their own wishes. In this pursuit of perfection, they do not even listen to their husbands.

She doesn’t even listen to her husband when it comes to doing good

She doesn't even listen to her husband when it comes to doing good

After so many examples, it would not be wrong to say that wives do not listen to their husbands in their insistence to do something good. Now even though it may sound a bit negative to say that the husband does not have his/her way with the wife. But the positive thinking behind this works to strengthen the relationship.

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