Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

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Rishabh Jain

Trucks have an undeniable villainous reputation on Indian roads. At the sight of a truck passing by with loud screeching noises, passers-by begin to panic and push their passengers towards the footpath. The reflection of this fiery image can also be seen in literature and cinema. In Ragdarbari, a truck accused of the Indian Penal Code section is seen. Even though there are hundreds of other ways of accident, the formula of getting the hero’s car cut off by a bloody truck and falling into a ditch has always been a favorite of film directors.
Now the government is in the process of improving the image of trucks. Perhaps he/she does not like being called the villain of anyone other than the opposition. She is issuing orders for the trucks to be air-conditioned. Being air-conditioned is considered a symbol of elitism in our society. The government feels that after becoming a member of an air-conditioned family, the care of maintaining its modesty will definitely motivate the truck drivers to behave best.
In the times to come, the appearance of intimidating trucks on the roads with wings spread is going to be a thing of the past. The next era is going to be trucks with closed doors and glass cabins. The sight of these trucks with ‘air conditioned public transporter’ written on them will be very soothing. It is a natural process for a shower of abuses to come out of the mouth of the truck driver shocked by the ocean of fierce flames and dust due to human accessible instinct. The goods loaded on it must also be affected by the continuous blessings of the truck drivers. It is expected that people will get positive energy as a result of the aura of happy drivers sitting in the air-conditioned cabin.
There can be some side effects of trucks being air-conditioned. Then the art of giving signal to turn by showing hand will disappear. Drivers will have to rely on fading indicators and unindicated turns. The joy of making truck drivers cry while pulling down the glass of the car drivers and removing the head from it will also go away. Even the cots lying in the open roadside dhabas will slowly die waiting for someone to spread on them. How would the ventilation of those rope-woven beds attract ashes to the person walking in the air-conditioned cabin.
Mrs. Monga Singh also has a fear. Don’t know whether Monga Singh, who used to spend 20 days of a month with the truck, is now comfortable in a non-air-conditioned house even for 10 days. In the meantime, those who cry hi-hi on the environment have become active again.

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