Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

AIIMS server restored after cyber attack, hospital says all services are running manually

AIIMS: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said on Tuesday (November 29) that the server of its e-hospital (data) has been re-stored again. He told that work is being done to correct the rest of the online services. It is going, soon this system will also start working properly. Due to the cyber attack, the health services of AIIMS were affected for the seventh consecutive day and work was done manually in the hospital.

The AIIMS administration issued a statement saying that the data of e-hospital is working properly again on the server but we are properly sanitizing our network before restoring the services. Due to cyber security, we are taking some time in this process. He further said that during this period the services of the hospital will continue to run on manual mode at all places like outpatient, in-patient, lab etc.

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Earlier on Saturday, the AIIMS administration had put additional staff on duty in the hospital to deal with the situation arising out of online services being affected due to the cyber attack.

What happened?
On November 23, the online services of the country’s most prestigious and important hospital AIIMS were stopped through cyber attack. According to an estimate, the data of about three to four crore patients was compromised in this cyber attack.

What did the Delhi Police say?
Delhi Police issued a statement saying that we are investigating the matter. At the same time, giving clarification about the ransom demanded for this attack, said that the incident of demanding ransom is factless. No such demand has been made to the AIIMS administration.

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