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After E-Car, E-Bike, now NASA’s new blast, Electric Plane will come soon


NASA will now start testing for its commercial use.
14 motors have been installed in the plane.
Its testing was done by NASA in Queensland.

New Delhi. Due to the changing trend of the automobile market, these days we keep reading and hearing the news of new electric vehicle launch every day. People’s interest in new e-cars and bikes coming every day is also increasing. The biggest reason behind this is their technology and low running cost. But have you heard about Electric Aero Plane? Yes, it is true, now soon you will also see flying in the air in an e-plane. NASA has been working on the technology of this new plane for many years.

This aircraft named X-57 Maxwell designed by NASA has passed its testing phase. Now its testing is going on for commercial use. NASA believes that this airplane will bring a big revolution in the aviation industry and the money spent during the flight can be saved to a great extent.

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equipped with 14 motors
NASA has been working on this technology for many years. In December 2017, the engineers passed the test of its battery system. In its final model, two large electric cruise motors of 60 kW each and 12 high lift motors of 10.5 kW each have been used. It has been designed in such a way that it can gain speed even after consuming less energy.

how does it fly
To fly this plane, cruise motors on the wing lift. Along with this, the motors rotating the propeller get activated. As the plane lifts, the propellers rapidly push it forward. The design behind this aircraft is to reduce high speed cruise efficiency and sound pollution along with zero carbon emissions.

According to the information received from NASA, the aircraft has successfully passed the thermal testing. The test took place at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Queensland and the cruise motors performed flawlessly at a temperature of 147 degrees Fahrenheit. NASA had artificially developed extreme weather conditions for this testing and during this the aircraft took off and landed smoothly.

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