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After all, why the identity of the nobles was stopped as ambassador? Is it going to be launched again


Hindustan Motors was founded in 1942 by BM Birla.
The plant to make the Ambassador car was set up at Uttarpara near Kolkata.
The first ambassador car was launched in 1958.

New Delhi. White color, red light or white curtains on the window, this was the identity of the ride of the powerful people of the country. Powerful means minister, leader or a few selected rich. And this ride was the Ambassador of Hindustan Motors. Before independence, in 1942, BM Birla established Hindustan Motors. This was the only step which laid the foundation of the automobile sector of the country. With the establishment of the company, work on the design and engine of the Ambassador started. But it was not that easy. It was not easy to fulfill Birla’s dream of making something different from the old technology cars being imported from abroad and not having experience in the auto sector. In 1954, there was a partnership between Hindustan Motors and Morris Motors of England (now known as MG) for car manufacturing.

This partnership, however, did not last long. After the country’s independence, Hindustan Motors decided to keep the car completely indigenous. However, during this time the dream of BM Birla remained unfulfilled. Neither the prototype of the car was ready nor did they know whether this car would ever hit the road or not. But after 16 years in 1958, Hindustan Motors finally launched the Landmaster, the first Ambassador car. The journey of recognition started from here. This was the identity of Power.

Shock after 30 years
After the Ambassador hit the road, people went crazy over it. The nobles took this vehicle in hand. At the same time, it became the first choice of government officials and ministers. But after almost 30 years the company got a setback. This blow was given by Maruti Suzuki. Maruti launched 800 in the market. It was a light and stylish petrol car and captured the automobile market in such a way that even today the company is the number 1 car selling company in the country. However, this did not make much difference to the Ambassador as the segment of Ambassador fans was completely different. But the collaboration of Maruti and Suzuki forced other foreign companies to pay attention to India. This was a big blow for the ambassador.

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Sales fell and the company went into debt
Since the 1980s, the sales of the Ambassador started declining. On the other hand, while maintaining its massive style, Hindustan Motors did not even make technical changes in the car which were in the new coming cars. In collaboration with Fiat, Premiere shook the foundations of Hindustan Motors by bringing out the Padmini. Now the cell of Ambassador started falling rapidly. With the decline in sales, there was a need to take loans to run such a big company. And in no time the debt burden started increasing.

Tried to change but did not work
Hindustan Motors also tried to make frequent changes in the Ambassador and its new models were launched. Attempts were also made to make it technically sound while retaining the basic design but to no avail. In front of the better design, technology and features of foreign companies coming day by day, the white color of the Ambassador was starting to look pale to the people.

9 models launched
The company launched 9 models in the Ambassador’s 60-year journey. These were the Hindustan Landmaster (1954–1958), Hindustan Ambassador Mk1 (1958–1962), Hindustan Ambassador Mk2 (1962–1975), Hindustan Ambassador Mk3 (1975–1979), Hindustan Ambassador Mk4 (1979–1990), Hindustan Ambassador Nova ( 1990-1999), Hindustan Ambassador Classic (2000-2011), Hindustan Ambassador Grand (2003-2013), Hindustan Ambassador Encore (2013-2014). But after all, in the booming automobile market in the country, the shine of other companies was visible, but the Ambassador disappeared somewhere. The company finally produced the last Ambassador on 24 May 2014 and then its production was discontinued.

Ambassador will come again with new name and new look
The Hindustan Motors plant is the oldest in the country and is located at Uttarpara near Kolkata. This is the second largest plant in Asia after Toyota. The company has 275 acres of land in Uttarpara and the plant is spread over 90 acres. It is now reported that the company has tied up with an automobile giant from Europe and the deal has been done for around Rs 600 crore. According to media reports, this partnership has been done with Pidget and now the Ambassador will return with a new name and look. But the company has not issued any official statement regarding this at the moment. But the company is going to manufacture electric two wheeler soon.

Now people are waiting for the car which they saw on the roads, many generations passed and the identity of the car was from that. When will she finally return once and from Lutyens zone of Delhi to the parking lot of some posh mall, the same white color will be seen once again.

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