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After 2 months of marriage, she rebelled against her husband, when she reached her boyfriend’s house, her lover ran away from Surat.

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Rebelling against her husband under the guise of her lover, now protesting to enter her lover’s house (representational picture)

Bihar Sharif: A wonderful story of strange love has come to the fore from Nalanda, the home district of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Where a young woman left her husband’s house under the guise of her lover and reached the lover’s door. But, now he has to sit on a dharna to enter the house. Actually, this whole matter is related to Ben area of ​​Nalanda district, where a girl is sitting on dharna at the door of her lover’s house to get her rights. It is said that the girlfriend was married on June 3, 2023, to Roshan Kumar, a resident of Milky Mahuari village in Islampur.

Left home citing lover’s love

After marriage, Anjani Kumari was living with her husband in her in-laws’ house. But, lover Sintu Kumar called his girlfriend Anjani Kumari to him by seducing her citing love. After this, the lover did not allow the girlfriend to enter the house, changing color like a chameleon and fled to Surat to work.

Girlfriend sitting on strike hungry and thirsty
The girlfriend told that even after marriage, the lover used to talk to her on the phone and also advised her to stay away from her husband. For the last five days, the girlfriend is continuously sitting outside the lover’s house, hungry and thirsty for the right of her love. The biggest thing is that Minister Shravan Kumar’s house is also at a short distance from the place where the girlfriend is sitting on dharna. Despite this, the girlfriend is pleading for justice.

no money left for food
The woman tells that now she has no money left for food and drink. Local youth Manoj Kumar told that for the last 5 days the woman is waiting for justice. Lover and girlfriend are residents of the same village Janakpur. The love affair was going on between the two for many months. The girlfriend is constantly pleading for help from the sarpanch, the police station and the villagers.

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