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Adah Sharma started preparing for the film ‘Commando 4’, following a special diet


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Adah sharma

Bollywood actress Adah Sharma, who started her career with Vikram Bhatt’s 2008 horror film ‘1920’, is currently gearing up for her much awaited film ‘Commando 4’. Adah Sharma said that it takes a lot of hard work to play the role of a cop in the film. Adah Sharma says she prefers to follow a strict diet to play the role of a cop on screen and stay physically fit. Adah Sharma, who stays connected with fans through social media, is a pure vegetarian.

ada sharma diet

Adah Sharma told that she is a vegetarian, so she likes bananas very much. Enumerating the benefits of bananas, Ada said that bananas are rich in potassium, good for hair and skin, good for digestion. Bananas release a mood-regulating substance called tryptophan that is converted to serotonin in the brain. It makes you happy. I am very inspired by monkeys and gorillas. he/she eats bananas and seems very fun and energetic. Please tell that Ada Sharma is very fond of animals, she also has a pet cat in her house. Which is often seen in his/her videos.

Adah Sharma in ‘Commando 4’

Adah Sharma got a chance to play the role of a police officer in the Commando franchise. To this, Adah said that when you don a police uniform for a role, you feel a sense of responsibility. I will be playing the role of Bhavana Reddy again. Apart from the film ‘Commando 4’, Adah Sharma will be seen in the Hindi film ‘The Kerala Story’ based on true events.

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