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Aamir Khan gave a love letter written in blood to his first wife Reena Dutta

Aamir Reena Love Story: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan does not need any introduction today. Aamir Khan has worked in more than one of the best films in his film journey. Aamir Khan remains in the limelight for his professional life, but his personal life is also in limelight. As we all know, Aamir Khan did two marriages. He first married Reena Dutta in the year 1986, then he married Kiran Rao in the year 2005. However, both their marriages could not last. In today’s post, we will talk about the love story of Aamir and Reena.

Aamir wrote love letter with blood

There was a time when Aamir loved Reena immensely, but after marriage, problems between the two increased and the matter reached divorce. Significantly, in the 80s, Aamir and Reena had a love marriage. The love life of both was very fun. Aamir lost his heart on seeing Reena. He had expressed his love for Reena in a unique style. You will be surprised to know that Aamir had written a love letter for Reena with blood. Although Reena did not like this act of Aamir, but gradually she also fell in love with him. Then both of them got married secretly on 18 April 1986.

Reena-Aamir got divorced in 2002

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After marriage, Aamir and Reena also had two children named Aira Khan and Junaid Khan. The love life of both was going well that suddenly their relationship started getting sour. After some time of marriage, Aamir Khan’s name started getting associated with other actresses. Because of this tension started between Aamir and Reena. Due to this tension, things got so bad that it even reached the point of divorce. After 16 years in the year 2002, both of them ended this relationship. Although both are often seen meeting each other even after divorce.

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