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Aaliya tolerated a lot… Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brother Shamas once again scolded the actor

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is in the news these days more than his/her films because of his/her personal reasons. Sometimes his/her wife, sometimes his/her maid and sometimes his/her brothers are seen making serious allegations one by one. Now in an interview, the actor’s brother Shamas has spoken openly about Nawaz. She has opened up about the relationship between Alia and the actor, what is going on and has also revealed why she has stopped working with Nawaz. Along with this, what is the stand of his/her mother on this whole matter, he/she has also expressed his/her views. What has been said, let us explain in detail.

In a special conversation with our associate website ‘Itams’, when Shamas Siddiqui was asked what is happening between Nawaz and wife Aaliya, in response to this, he/she said – Aaliya is my close friend even before marriage. There were problems between the two. But perhaps with age the level of tolerance went down. Alia has endured a lot as a woman. I stopped working with Nawaz in 2020 itself. After a few months, Aaliya and her matter also came in public. I used to keep everything very carefully. When non deserving people started joining him/her, I left him/her.

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‘Didn’t want to cast Nawaz in the film’

Nawaz was asked why he/she stopped working with Nawaz, to which Shamas said – I did a lot of TV and directed a few shows too. Then Nawaz said that I should join him/her. he/she said that he/she wanted to unite his/her people. In the year 2019, my film ‘Bole Chudiyan’ was about to release. To be honest, I did not want Nawaz in my film. I felt that our personal bond might get damaged or we both would not be able to do anything good in each other’s presence. The producer insisted that I cast Nawaz.

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Nawaz had given the order to the family

Shamas further revealed that when the film required editing and patchwork, Nawaz suddenly told the producer that he/she would not work until he/she got all the dues related to the film. I wonder why Nawaz is doing this with my film and why is he/she not supporting me? The film stopped. I gave him/her a lot. I didn’t even have a personal life till the age of 46. There was a rift between us. If we would have talked to each other then maybe this matter could have been solved but he/she stopped talking to me. Not only this, Nawaz has also told the family not to see my daughter. he/she not only did not listen to her, but did not even call me.

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Nawaz and Aaliya’s son is illegitimate?

Apart from all this, Shamas was also asked that his/her mother had called Aaliya and Nawaz’s other children illegitimate. To this he/she replied- My mother had said all this in anger. As far as Nawaz is concerned, he/she has never denied his/her son. Where is your own? But I really don’t know which are the divorce papers that Nawaz has submitted in the court. The court will look into it and decide. Alia has said that she has not signed any such paper. In such a situation, they should challenge these papers in the court.

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