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Aaj Ka Rashifal 6 April 2023: On Hanuman Jayanti, the wishes of these 5 zodiac signs will be fulfilled, every unfulfilled dream will be fulfilled

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Today’s Horoscope 6 April 2023

Today’s Horoscope 6 April 2023: Today is Chaitra Shukla Paksha’s Udaya Tithi Purnima and Thursday. Today is the full moon of Chaitri Snan Daan in the month of Chaitra. Today at 12:42 pm, there will be Yayijay Yoga. Hasta Nakshatra will be there till 12.42 pm today, after that Chitra Nakshatra will appear. Today at 11 am, Venus will enter Taurus. Let’s know from Acharya Indu Prakash, how will be the day of 06th April for you and by what measures you can make this day better. Also know what will be your lucky number and lucky color.



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Today is going to be a better day for you. You will discuss future plans with a friend. Students who prepare for competitive exams will understand a topic from their friends today. You will get a chance to help someone. Your married life is going to be excellent. Lovemates will go for a walk today. in business

There will be opportunities for sudden monetary gain.

  • Lucky Color – Brown
  • Lucky Number- 5


Today is going to be a good day for you. You will make a plan to go somewhere with your parents. Negligence in government matters can be the cause of your problems, so be careful and honest in your work. Spending time with family after a busy day’s schedule will make you feel relaxed. You will make a plan to go somewhere with your parents. You will plan to watch a movie with friends. People associated with politics will get a chance to attend a social function today.

  • Lucky Color – Red
  • Lucky Number- 2



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Today is going to be normal for you. It is a good day to invest in any property related works, you will get profit. For women of this zodiac who want to start a job, work from home will prove to be a better option. There may be some religious program in your house, your day will be spent in busyness and running. Being happy with your project, the boss can promote you.

  • Lucky Color – Silver
  • Lucky Number- 6

Cancer zodiac sign

Today is going to be a good day for you. There are chances of traveling for the official work of employed people. The journey will also be successful. Lovemates will spend quality time together today to make their relationship stronger. The confidence of the students will increase, a new topic will start. Today you should avoid hurrying in office work. People looking for a job will get a job offer from a good company today.

  • Lucky Color – Magenta
  • Lucky Number- 4

Leo sun sign

Leo sun sign

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Leo sun sign

Today is going to be a great day for you. You will get good results of years of hard work, you will start working on new plans to work. There will be sweetness in married life. If you are worried about something for a long time, you will get its solution today. Will be able to fulfill his/her responsibilities in family and business. You can take a personal decision, it can be good for you to do so, you can also take advice from parents or friends.

  • Lucky Color – Yellow
  • Lucky Number- 2

Virgo sun sign

Today is going to be full of enthusiasm for you. There will be a big deal in property related business. Carelessness and generosity can also be harmful for business. Lovemates can talk about their relationship with their family members today. You will meet someone from whom you will get to learn something new. Today, students of this zodiac will get a boost in their morale if they get favorable results of their hard work.

  • Lucky Color – Green
  • Lucky Number- 2


Today is going to be a very happy day. You can get success in the work that you will do in the field of job. The problem going on in the house for many days will be solved today. Spouse will cooperate in your work today. Your stalled work will also be completed. You can start any part time job. Today you will get a gift of your choice from Lovemates. You have to maintain patience and restraint in doing any work. Physically you will be healthy today.

  • Lucky Color – Blue
  • Lucky Number- 7


Today is going to be a mixed day. You will try your best to complete the work you start on time. You will make continuous efforts to improve the financial condition. Your money stuck for a long time will be returned, the bank balance will be strong. People of this amount who had applied for a job may get a call from a good company today. Your mind will be eager to do some new work.

  • Lucky Color – Black
  • Lucky Number- 9


Today is going to be full of enthusiasm for you. Any of your planned work will be completed today. You can be consulted as an expert in any matter. You will be ready to help your loved ones. The businessman of this zodiac will get some new experiences at work. People associated with sports of this amount can participate in any new activity. Parent’s advice will be beneficial in some work. Will think about his/her career.

  • Lucky Color – Peach
  • Lucky Number- 3


Today has brought happy moments for you. Today will be a good day for the farmers. You will get support from father in some work, there will be ease in work. You will feel energetic in terms of health. Will make a plan to have dinner in a restaurant with the spouse. You will meet some special people, with whom you will enjoy meeting. There will be sweetness in your married life. The problems whose solution was not being found till now, will be solved today.

  • Lucky Color – Maroon
  • Lucky Number- 1


Today is going to be a great day. Plans to hang out with friends may have to be postponed for a few days. But your friendship will remain strong. Today you should avoid ignoring some special family matters. Helping siblings in the house will make you feel good. You will consider setting new dimensions in your career. If you want to make any request to the officials, then today is a good day. Can take a big decision in family matters. Those who are businessmen, their other big company
Deal can be signed from.

  • Lucky Color – Orange
  • Lucky Number- 2



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Today is going to be a golden day for you. Your good attitude towards people will endear you to people. The advice of elders will prove beneficial for you. Suddenly there are chances of monetary gains. You will be inclined towards social service. Before putting your presentation and plan in front of someone else, do check it once. Your efforts for some work will be successful. Students can create ideas about learning something new.

  • Lucky Color – White
  • Lucky Number- 5

(Acharya Indu Prakash is a well-known astrologer of the country, who has a long experience in Vastu, Samudrik Shastra and Astrology. You see him/her every morning at 7.30 a.m. in predictions on India TV.)

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