Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

A woman does pullups wearing a saree, not at home but in the gym in such a desi style, the balance never deteriorates

Going to the gym, exercising, taking care of your health is essential for everyone. Many people also follow all these methods. But the problem for women is that if she comes from a place where women’s dress is a big issue, then even if she wants to, she cannot go to places like gym comfortably. Because country clothes do not work there. But a woman broke this myth and started attracting people’s attention by doing different workouts in the gym wearing saree and shoes.

In social media, a woman named Reena Singh is attracting people’s attention, who exercises by going to the gym in a saree. This desi style of his attracts a lot of people. The surprising thing is that even while exercising in saree, the balance of that woman always remains amazing. Which is very surprising for the people. The woman has a lot of followers on both Instagram and Facebook, who like her style very much.

Woman doing workout in saree is attracting everyone’s attention
Reena Singh is surprising people by exercising in saree. She not only does weightlifting but also does running and pull ups very well in saree. The best thing is that during this time his confidence remains amazing. Seeing which people start getting jealous. His aim is just to show that clothes can never be a hindrance for going to the gym or doing workouts. This style of Reena Singh is very popular. Some people like his desi style very much. So some also call it gimmick for show off and likes.

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