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Monday, July 15th, 2024

A video of the inside of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s Alibaug house surfaced, showing a beautiful corner of this house

There has been news for some time about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli that they are now planning to leave India and settle permanently in London. Amidst these reports, Virat Kohli has shown a glimpse of his/her dream house in Alibaug. From what he/she has written in the caption along with the video, it is clear that he/she is in the mood to spend more time with his/her family in this luxurious house.

Anushka Sharma’s husband Virat has also given fans a tour of his/her new luxurious house in Alibaug. In this video, he/she is seen showing everything from the living room to the kitchen, garden, pool area and more. This house will be owned by him/her, his/her wife Anushka and their two children – Vamika and Akay.

The cricketer shared his/her experience of this house

Sharing the video, Virat wrote, ‘The journey of building our home in Alibaug has been a seamless experience and it is truly satisfying to see it come together. A big thank you to the entire Avas team for making our dream home a reality. Can’t wait to enjoy every moment here with my loved ones.’

‘When I heard about this plan, I found it quite unique’

In the video, Kohli is also saying, ‘When I heard about this plan, I found it quite unique. You have a sense of community, but at the same time you have your own privacy and you get all the facilities you need in this holiday home. You also have a world class spa, which is a big feature for me here.’

Living space is the most preferred

In the video, he/she also says that he/she likes the living space the most and the way to go outside from the living space. he/she has told that keeping in mind the beauty, he/she has kept the lights inside the house ‘I like the living space the most and the way to go outside from the living space. Aesthetically, the house is beautifully designed and the natural light inside is exactly what I like.

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