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A train like this too! Farrate fills with only 3 coaches, the size is so much that the beholder will be surprised

New Delhi. There are many such trains near Indian Railways, knowing about which you will be surprised. Today we will tell about such an interesting fact of Railways that it will be a bit difficult to believe it. We are going to tell you about one such smallest train of the country, about which you will be shocked to know the whole thing. Please tell, this train runs in the state of Kerala. The reason for calling it the smallest train is that it has only three bogies. In such a situation, when this train runs on the track, it seems as if there is no train but the engine is running.

This train runs daily between Kochi Harbor Terminus and Ernakulam Junction in the morning and evening hours. As small as this train is, its route is also small. Let us tell you in detail about this train.

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Completes the journey in 40 minutes
The second most important thing about this train is that it reaches its destination in 40 minutes. The smaller this train is, the shorter is its route. During this journey, the train also stops at a station in between. This train has the distinction of being the shortest railway service in the country.

300 passengers sit at once
Very few passengers come in this train as compared to other trains. Let us tell you, 300 passengers can travel comfortably in this train at a time.

people like to travel
Even after the speed of the train is very low, passengers like to travel in it. More people travel or less in the train, but its popularity among the local people is still intact.

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Know about the station
The train operates during the day between CHT in the morning and evening, Willingdon Island home to the Cochin Port Trust and Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy, and arrives at Ernakulam Junction.

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