Sunday, March 26th, 2023

A special feature is going to be added soon in Whatsapp, what will be the benefit of this to the users?

Photo: File A special feature is going to be added soon in Whatsapp, what will be the benefit of this to the users?

The WhatsApp team is always trying to make their platform better and safer for their users. Working seriously on user feedback should be learned from WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp has announced that it is also going to provide an option to report status on WhatsApp Web.

The number of people using WhatsApp web has now increased to millions. Where it was difficult to see your phone repeatedly while sitting in the office, it has become very easy and beneficial to use your WhatsApp on WhatsApp web. WhatsApp Web also started being used for file sharing. Also, WhatsApp status uploaded by your contacts can also be viewed here.

But many times something objectionable is also seen in WhatsApp status which is not correct in terms of WhatsApp Violation, till now it was not possible to report any such status but now WhatsApp will soon update WhatsApp Status for WhatsApp Beta version. About to bring the report option.

The official announcement of this update has not been done yet. But soon this update will go live only for Beta users. This update will be available only for Beta users for some time, after that, based on its durability and beta users’ feedback, the WhatsApp Status Report feature will be updated for normal users as well.

In order to make WhatsApp user friendly, there is another update that is coming. After this update, if you accidentally delete a message, you will get 5 seconds of undo time. In this time you will be able to see your message again. This feature will be very beneficial for those who, after sending a message to a group or individual by mistake, instead of deleting it for everyone, used to delete it for me. Because after pressing delete for me, that message is visible to everyone except you and you cannot even delete it for everyone.

According to the latest update of WhatsApp, now you can see the profile picture of any user even in the group. Earlier this feature was not there. Now you can also use poll in any group. Apart from this, earlier the screenshot of the image sent for one time could be taken, but now this feature has been auto updated and now the image sent in your one time view remains completely secure, it cannot be viewed again. Nor can it be saved anywhere.

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