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A railway station where ghosts used to live! closed for 42 years

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Indian Railways: Indian Railways is called the lifeline of our country. Lakhs of people travel by it everyday. In such a situation, a large number of people can be seen at the railway station, who are waiting for their train there to go somewhere or are coming from somewhere. But have you ever heard that a railway station has been closed for years. We all have heard stories of ghosts and witches from the mouth of elders in our childhood. But you will be surprised to know that at a railway station, claims of ghosts were made, although nothing has ever been proved that there was or is a ghost. But amid such claims, this railway station was closed for many years. Today we will tell you about this railway station.

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The railway station where the ghosts were found is named Begunkodor Railway Station. This railway station is located in Purulia district of West Bengal. It was commissioned in the year 1960. Everything went well for a few years after opening. According to reports, after this in 1967 a railway employee claimed to have seen the ghost of a woman at the station. This matter of his/her did not get much attention then and was ignored. But people began to believe more on the witch’s rumor at this railway station when the station master and his/her family died under suspicious circumstances. After this no railway employee agreed to work here and the station had to be closed.

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The station was closed for 42 years
According to reports, the people living there claimed that the same witch had a hand in these deaths. After this incident, people started getting scared in such a way that no one wanted to stay here after sunset. After this Begunkodor came to be known as the Ghost Railway Station. People were so scared of coming to the station that the station was closed for 42 years. That is, not a single train stopped here for 42 years. The train used to pass through here, but as soon as it reached Beguncodor station, its speed was increased. However, in the year 2009, the then Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee once again opened this station. But still people do not stop at this station after dusk.

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