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A five-year-old girl became an ‘elephant’, the mother had to lock the kitchen, know the reason

A research paper was recently published in the Journal Pediatrics, according to which, the number of obese children is increasing day by day. Most of the children in the age group of 6 to 11 years are becoming obese and poor diet was said to be responsible behind this. But a news from Britain will surprise you. A girl became 98 pounds i.e. about 45 kg in just five years. His mother has to lock the kitchen so that he does not eat or drink anything.

rare disease is the reason
You will say what has happened. The mother will sometimes stop the child to eat. That too when the child is so small. But it’s true. Britain’s 25-year-old Holly Williams has installed a baby gate in the kitchen so that her daughter Harlow cannot eat too much by entering the kitchen. Harlow is hungry all the time. Whenever he sees something, he has to eat it. When Holly Williams showed it to the doctors, they told a different reason which is rare.

No matter how much I eat, my stomach does not fill
Doctors told that Harlow is suffering from a disease called Prader Willi syndrome. It lacks chromosome 15, which is responsible for controlling appetite. Because of this rare disease, no matter how much he eats, his stomach never feels full. According to doctors, the situation of some youths and adults is such that they will raid the fridge, if they are allowed to eat frozen food, they will even dig into the garbage cans.

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no cure yet
According to doctors, since the body of such people is not able to digest fat properly, they have to depend on a very specific diet and calorie-controlled diet to avoid fatal obesity. This is a rare genetic disease that is found in one in 15,000 children born in the UK. The special thing is that there is no cure for it, so taking precautions is the only cure.

could not walk for two and a half years
According to the New York Post report, Holly Williams told that when Harlow was only six months old, she came to know about its disease. He had never heard of this disease. Later it was found that it is genetic. It creates physical, mental and behavioral problems in those people. Many complications of this disease are due to obesity. Due to obesity, Harlow’s condition had become such that she could not raise her head by the age of eight months. She could not walk till the age of two and a half years. Holly Williams says that now we have only one option to stop the child from eating.

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