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A duck is hidden in the picture, it will be difficult to find it among people, solve the puzzle in 10 seconds

People have started liking solving puzzles with pictures, as optical illusion, these pictures pass a lot of time and are also a better option for brain exercise. Because such pictures not only force our eyes to work a lot. And awakens every angle of the mind. Only then can one succeed in solving the optical illusion challenge. Nowadays the trend of these challenges has increased. Which is at the top of people’s favorite list.

A picture has been shared on social media in which a challenge has been given to find a duck among a large number of people. Some people are on the chair, then a dog is standing below. But no one will see where that duck is. You have only 10 seconds to find the duck hidden in the picture.

Duck not seen in picture
The search for the duck in the picture confused people a lot. At first glance, whoever saw the picture saw only a dog other than humans. Apart from that, not a single animal was seen. In such a situation, the people engaged in solving the challenge are not able to understand that where is that duck hidden. This is the reason why people had to struggle a lot to solve the picture challenge, but only a few people got success in it. If you are also busy solving the challenge, then keep in mind that the time is only of 10 seconds.

Duck hidden in the picture has to be found in 10 seconds, had to do a lot of brainstorming to solve the challenge

Duck was resting near uncle’s feet
It is expected that people will have to try their best and not just the picture, but everyone’s mind must have been exercised, but no one would have seen that duck which is present in front of the picture. If you have given up after trying everything from your side, then on our saying, once again look at the picture carefully and this time you will look at the people sitting on the chair near my feet to look for the duck, sitting on the right most wearing dhoti That duck is sitting between the two legs of an uncle, whose feet and beak will appear light yellow in colour. It seems that now you have seen the duck, but those who are still confused can see the condition in the picture given above.

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