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A dog is hiding in a colorful room, the owner is searching with a leash in his/her hand; Can you help with the search?


The game of solving puzzles played in childhood is now known as optical illusion challenge. And it goes viral so fast that there is a shadow on social media. People love to solve the challenges hidden in the pictures and test their sharp eyes and mental skills through this. Along with this, it is said about optical illusion challenges that temperature increases your observation skills and IQ level by exercising your brain, that is why educated people also like such puzzles very much.

Famous Brightside has once again challenged you through a picture for pictures that confuse the eyes. The picture is of a room which is full of lots of colors and designs. Somewhere in that a dog has gone missing. You have to solve the challenge by helping him/her who is looking for his/her owner with a leash in his/her hand.

Do you see the dog in the picture?
You have been given the task to solve the challenge hidden in the picture, in which you have to find a dog hidden in the room. Whom even its owner himself is not able to find and is engrossed in thinking with his/her neck strap in his/her hand. But the problem is that the room where the dog is hidden is so colorful and full of designs and accessories that the eyes cannot reach the dog. This is the reason why this challenge of looking for a dog has become a big problem for the people. If you consider yourself to have a connoisseur eye and a sharp mind, then in 10 seconds find the dog hidden in the picture and help the owner.

optical illusion photo

Dog is set in such a way that it is impossible to see

The challenge hidden in the picture baffled the mind
Although this challenge is very fun, but it is expected that the search for a dog in this would have made people puzzle a lot. Still, getting success will not be easy. In such a situation, those who really believe in their intelligence and eyesight, only they will be able to find the dog hidden in the pictures. But those who are tired of exercising their brain till now, they also do not need to be disappointed. Because we show you the solution of this puzzle in the above picture.

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