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80% cyber crime happens in these 10 districts of the country, financial fraud is on top, this district is the commander

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Technology is for convenience but today it is also a big source of fraud and cyber crime. Different types of financial fraud cases are registered every day. You might be surprised to know that there are 10 such districts in the country, which alone account for 80 percent of the total cyber fraud figures. That means they are at the forefront of online fraud. According to the news of Business Standard, online fraudsters are making UPI Transaction fraud their target.

Highest target on unauthorized transactions

In the white paper released on Monday on the trends of cyber crime for the period 2020-23, it has been said that unauthorized transactions are being mainly targeted in online financial fraud. According to the news, this study has been released by IIT Kanpur and Future Crime Research Foundation. Many alarming trends have emerged in this. This data is based on many different platforms like National Crime Records Bureau and Parliament and think tanks.

These 10 districts are centers of fraud

According to the news, Bharatpur, Mathura, Nuh, Deoghar, Jamtara, Gurugram, Alwar, Bokaro, Karmatand, Giridih. (Giridih) are the districts from where 80 percent of the total cyber crime in the country is accounted for. In this, Bharatpur district is at number one. Cyber ​​fraud alone accounts for 18 percent of the total. Similarly, Mathura is at second place and Gurugram adjacent to Delhi is at sixth place, whose share is 12 percent and 8.1 percent respectively.

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According to the report, online financial frauds are the highest with 77.41 percent of the total cyber crimes. After this, online and social media related frauds are included with a share of 12.02 percent. Apart from this, hacking and damaging PC-computers are also included.

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