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70 lakh mobile phone numbers were involved in financial fraud, government disconnected them, saved so many crores of rupees

Photo:PIXABAY There is a need to create awareness about cyber fraud in the society.

As long as cases of cyber crime or financial fraud keep coming. Keeping this in mind, the government has so far disconnected 70 lakh mobile phones which were involved in financial fraud. Nearly Rs 900 crore of fraud has been saved by this step. Financial Services Secretary Vivek Joshi gave this information on Tuesday. According to PTI news, Joshi says that the government has taken this step to curb digital fraud.

Strengthen banks systems and processes

According to the news, emerging from a meeting to discuss issues related to financial cyber security and rising digital payment frauds, Joshi said that banks have been asked to strengthen systems and processes in this regard. He said that there will be more such meetings and the next meeting is to be held in January. It was noted in the meeting that 70 lakh mobile connections involved in cyber crimes/financial frauds reported through digital intelligence platforms have been disconnected so far.

3.5 lakh victims benefited

An official statement said around Rs 900 crore was saved from fraud, benefiting 3.5 lakh victims. Regarding the recently reported Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) fraud, he said states have been asked to look into the issue and ensure data security. There was also discussion regarding KYC standardization of shifts in the meeting. How to ensure better coordination between various agencies to prevent cyber fraud was also discussed.

need to create awareness

The bank blocked the accounts of the recipients and was able to recover Rs 649 crore of the Rs 820 crore, or about 79 per cent of the amount. Joshi said that there is a need to create awareness about cyber fraud in the society to save innocent customers from being cheated. This meeting is considered important in view of the digital frauds that have taken place in UCO Bank and Bank of Baroda in recent times.

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