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7 times Formula One champion, track was ‘Bahubali’, an accident changed the life of millionaire athlete


Michael Schumacher started racing at the age of 6.
Schumacher retired for the first time in 2006 but made a comeback in 2010.
In 2012, he/she retired from the race track forever.

New Delhi. Michael Schumacher, this is the name which is seen as the god of car racing. A gentle personality who touched those heights of life, about which hardly anyone would even dream. On the other hand, the fear of this name was that when Michael Schumacher was in a race, the rest of the drivers felt themselves defeated without even racing. In the Formula One Championship, Schumacher won his/her name 7 times. 1994 and 1995 After this, from 2000 to 2004, Michael won the Formula One title continuously. Not only this, no one could break Michael’s record till date, this record was the fastest 10 laps which he/she made during the 2004 season of Formula One. Along with this, another record is in the name of Michael. This is the record of holding position 91 times in Formula One Grand Prix till now. But such an accident happened with this great racer that his/her life changed and today he/she is spending time in oblivion somewhere away from the crowd of people.

It will not be said that when Michael Schumacher’s accident happened, he/she was at the peak of his/her career, but he/she was the uncrowned king of the racing world even during that time and was active in his/her career. Michael was getting billions of rupees from promotion only, racing was a different matter. Despite all this, Michael was such a person who spent most of his/her time with his/her family. Michael was doing something similar in 2013 as well. Michael was in the French Alps city of France to spend the holidays with the family. Here he/she was skiing with his/her son. During this, his/her balance deteriorated and he/she collided with a rock. he/she suffered a serious head injury, although he/she was wearing a helmet, but the injury was so severe that he/she had to undergo several brain surgeries.

Michael Schumacher won several race titles in a row. (Photo courtesy Instagram)

and michael went into a coma
After this Michael went into a coma. There was an outcry all over the world. A star of the world of racing started to appear to people going away. A time came when even the doctors gave up hope. But God had something else approved, Michael started recovering. Now time has started changing. his/her family has now returned to his/her country Singapore. away from the media and the race. The family did not allow anyone to come near Michael. After this Michael never came in front of the media. Nor did any statement come from Michael. Yes, his/her family kept sharing information about his/her health on social media once a year. Now that series has also reduced. Although according to the last information, Michael Schumacher is now healthy, but this star of racing has separated himself from the world of glare. Now he/she is neither the subject of discussion in any media house nor is he/she seen near the track of the race. But even today on the race track, it is rare that Michael’s name is not taken during any championship.

became a star in childhood
Whatever happened before this was about Michael’s excellent career and the accident that happened after that. But the story of Michael becoming champion Michael started when he/she was only 6 years old. Born in 1969, this German athlete hit the race track for the first time in 1975. But he/she was not allowed to race. The reason was his/her young age. For this, after many legal claims and hard work, Schumacher fulfilled his/her dream and won the title of the world’s best racer.

didn’t even let me retire
Michael Schumacher retired from racing in 2006. he/she announced his/her retirement. This news was so big that many companies begged Michael to return for a long time but he/she did not agree. After all, if Michael agreed only to talk about his/her fans, he/she returned in 2010 but he/she was not successful. It didn’t make any difference to anyone, Michael won even after losing. his/her loved ones had considered his/her return as their victory. But Michael could not forget the habit of his/her victory and after this defeat once again he/she retired in 2012.

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Michael Schumacher retired forever in 2012.

One thing that is taught to all new racers about Michael is that when Schumacher used to practice, no one could stop him/her for hours. Schumacher himself also said that he/she is addicted to the track and cannot sleep until he/she smells the smell of burning tyres. But now the same racer has disappeared into obscurity somewhere away from the revs of the engine, the smell of burning tires and the noise of the stands. This face, which was once recognized in every corner of the world, is now hidden in some corner.

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