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5000-year-old fridge, cooking oven and ancient beer recipe found in excavation

5000 Years Old Fridge Found: Man has traveled a long way from forests to cities and to the moon and it has also taken him/her thousands of years. When we look back, it all sounds very exciting. This is the reason why man has always been searching to find his/her roots. From the development of civilization to the discovery of those things, answers are found to the questions, which have now become an important part of our life.

The role of archaeologists is important in this work, who have been finding and bringing out things related to human ancestors from different parts of the world. At this time too, a similar discovery remains the subject of discussion. A team of archaeologists has got a set up of a tavern about 5000 years ago. The discovery was made in the ruins of Lagash, north-east of the city of Nasiriya in southern Iraq. It is considered an important city in terms of Sumerian civilization.

The refrigerator of 5000 years ago was similar to the modern fridge
This city was named Al Hiba, from here many historical things have been found during excavations. This time what has been found by the team of Italian and American archaeologists is a big area. Benches, ovens for cooking and bones of contemporary fish have also been discovered here. What struck me most was that it was an ancient structure like a modern fridge. It was used to keep food cold. According to the project director of this team, Holly Pitman – ‘A refrigerator has been found from here and there are also hundreds of utensils in which food was served. An oven has also been found behind the fridge to sit and cook food.

What struck me most was that it was an ancient structure like a modern fridge. (Credit-AFP)

Beer formula also found
According to him/her, this place was not a house but a collective place, where people used to come and eat and drink. In such a situation, the team of archaeologists has called it a tavern and has also told that the people of Sumerian civilization liked to drink beer. They have also found the recipe of beer during the excavation, which was written on the stone. Excavation is going on at this place since the year 2019 and new things are being found by the archaeologists.

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