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5 most dangerous roads of the country, where there is danger every moment, people get scared seeing the height


For adventure lovers, passing through the Hindustan Tibet Highway can prove to be a very exciting experience.
The name of Leh-Manali Highway located in Ladakh is also one of the dangerous roads of the country.

Highest roads of India: Many people who are fond of traveling like to travel by road. Especially in hilly areas, most people are seen giving importance to road trips. But do you know about the highest roads of the country. Yes, some roads located in the mountains are counted among the most dangerous roads in the country. Seeing whose height many people get scared.

It is quite common to travel on high mountain roads. But driving a vehicle on some of the roads present in the mountains is not less than a big challenge. At the same time, seeing the height of these roads, many people get sweaty. So let us introduce you to the most dangerous roads of the country, whose height can surprise you too.

Zojila Pass, Leh Ladakh
The name of Leh Ladakh is included in the beautiful travel location of the country. But the view of Zojila Pass in Ladakh can surprise you. Located at an altitude of 3000 meters, the Zojila Pass connects Kargil in Kashmir to Ladakh. At the same time, a lot of landslides are seen here during the rainy season. Crossing such Zojila pass is no less than winning the battle for the tourists.

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India-Tibet Highway, Himachal Pradesh
The Hindustan and Tibet Highway located in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh is also counted among the most dangerous roads in the country. It is not easy for people to drive on this road with rough roads of Trans Himalayas. However, for adventure lovers, passing through this road can prove to be a very exciting experience.

Taglong La, Ladakh
Taglang La is also called Tanglang La. People get breathless after passing through this pass situated at an altitude of about 5,328 meters. However, in 2018, a paved road has been made in most parts of this pass. But some part of the pass is still unpaved. In crossing which people get sweaty.

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Leh-Manali Highway, Ladakh
Many biking enthusiasts enjoy exploring the Leh-Manali highway. But you will be surprised to know that the name of this 428 kilometer long highway is also one of the dangerous roads of the country. This highway full of beautiful views connects Solang Valley of Manali with Spiti Valley and Zanskar Valley of Ladakh.

Kolli Hills Road, Tamil Nadu
The country’s most dangerous road is also located in Tamil Nadu, South India, away from the Himalayas. This road with rough roads starts from Kalappanaickenpatti. There are a total of 70 dangerous curves on Kolli Hills Road. On the other hand, Kolli Malai located on this road is also known as the Death Mountain of the South.

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