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5 important tips and tricks of WhatsApp, know how it works


New Delhi. WhatsApp It has become a very important part for crores of users in the world including India. It is used daily for communication and many other things. There are thousands of features in the messaging app right now, which are not immediately visible and you have to do a lot of checking in the settings to know about them. There are also some tricks that help you improve your messaging experience with the help of third-party apps. whatsapp But on 5 essential tricks and tips you should know.

5 important WhatsApp tricks and tips in 2022:
You can hide your online presence in WhatsApp by changing the privacy settings of the app. For this, you just have to go to Settings, then Privacy, Last Seen and Online. Now tap on “Nobody” and then tap on “Same as Last Seen”. But if you turn on this feature in the settings, then you will also not be able to see the online status of other people. This feature lets you stay online without letting anyone know.

whatsapp undo
WhatsApp has recently released the feature of undoing accidentally deleted messages. Now if you accidentally delete a message, the messaging platform will provide a 5-second window to undo it through an undo button. One thing to note is that this feature will appear only when you press “delete message for me”. This obviously saves you the embarrassment if you accidentally select “delete for me” but mean “delete for everyone”. This feature is available to all users on Android and iPhone.

WhatsApp Voice Messages Record
You can record long voice messages at once and at different time intervals without losing half-recorded messages. All you have to do is long press on the mic icon that appears in every chat at the bottom right of the phone. Long press on the mic icon and slide up on the lock icon. WhatsApp will start recording your voice message and you can pause it using the red mic icon. If you need to leave the recording for a while, your recording will not be deleted and you can come back to the chat later. You can then continue recording your message.

Third named Log Cube ACR
You can record your WhatsApp calls by downloading the Party app. It is available on Play Store. You just need to install it and give basic permissions to record all your calls. You will get all your call recordings in one app.

get deleted messages
If you want to retrieve or read deleted WhatsApp messages, you can do so by installing the “Get Deleted Messages” app from the Play Store. However, it is only available for Android users. After this you have to give some permissions to the app, after which you will be able to read the deleted messages in this app. The thing to note is that this app will need your permission to run in the background.

Note – If you open WhatsApp chat on your smartphone and that message gets deleted then you will not be able to read the deleted message. The app can help you by offering only deleted messages when the chat is not open.

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