Friday, February 23rd, 2024

4 people arrested with 91 army uniforms

Jaisalmer. In Nachna area of ​​Jaisalmer, Army’s intelligence agency Military Intelligence has arrested four suspects roaming in the army area near Nachna Phante. 91 army uniforms and other items worn by soldiers were recovered from the four youths. Along with this, a car has also been recovered. After interrogating the four suspects, Army Intelligence handed them over to Nachna police station.

Now Nachana police station has interrogated the suspects and handed them over to the Joint Investigation Committee. Now JIC is being done from everyone in Jaisalmer. The security agency will try to find out from where these fully committed sales uniforms are being manufactured and from where they have been supplied and what is the purpose of selling them in this area. This will become clear only after inquiry. . According to the information, four suspects were hiding 91 uniforms, helmets, shoes, belts, gloves and other items in their car near the Army area of ​​Nachna area late Saturday evening.

MI caught all four and handed over the dancing to the police. The government has imposed a ban on the entry of outsiders into the restricted canal area. Despite this, the arrival of youths in army uniform is a breach in security. According to the information, the four suspected youths caught in the action of Army Intelligence are residents of Suratgarh. They were going to Jaisalmer with uniforms from some shops in Suratgarh. At the same time, late on Saturday evening, he was caught by the army. The suspects have been identified as Rajaram (47) son of Moti Ram, Gagan (19) son of Rajaram Amin (38) son of Jamaldeen and a minor Kishore Jaipal is also with them. 91 army new pattern uniforms, 8 other army uniforms of Kargil check, 46 army t-shirts, 4 army saving kits, 30 pairs of socks, 18 patka mouths, 1 combat shoes, 5 combat caps, 25 belts were recovered from these suspects. Is. A white colored Alto K 10 car has also been seized, whose number is RJ 13 CE 3353.

Security agencies have become alert after this action of Army Intelligence in Jaisalmer. Now the Army Intelligence team of Suratgarh and Ganganagar and the team of Jaisalmer are taking the action forward and finding out where these uniforms came from. From which shop did these people buy their uniforms? Where is this uniform, whose sale is completely banned, being manufactured?

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