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3 stalwarts of PM’s core team in one frame, these leaders are Modi’s eyes and ears, not officers

Location New Delhi. Opportunity to sign important agreements between India and Sri Lanka. Foreign Minister S. Both Jaishankar and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval are seen having some serious discussion. The Foreign Minister is seen telling something to which the NSA is seen listening very carefully. There is also a third face in the frame. Right behind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Principal Secretary Pramod Kumar Mishra is seen in a meditative posture. The identity of the three seen in the frame is not just that of a leader or an officer, but they are the eyes and ears of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. he/she is the brain behind all the important decisions of the PM. One master of diplomacy and one of national security. And the importance of PK Mishra can be understood from the fact that he/she has replaced Modi’s most trusted and capable officer Nripendra Mishra as the Principal Secretary to the PM.

Jaishankar gave new edge to international diplomacy

Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has given a new edge to Indian diplomacy. In real sense he/she is the master of diplomacy. They know very well when and where to be aggressive and when to be flexible. he/she is known for his/her outspokenness and to the point. When he/she speaks on terrorism, he/she exposes Pakistan, even calling it a factory of terror. Those who save terrorists from blacklisting in the UN strip off the mask of China. They say bluntly on Pakistan’s Kashmir raga, now if there will be talk then only on PoK. Tears apart the hypocrisy of the West over Europe’s criticisms on the issue of oil purchases from Russia. The way in which the mirror is shown to them, it is only S. Only Jaishankar can do it. Not only this, the Prime Minister has expressed confidence in this former career diplomat and in his/her second innings, this former Foreign Secretary has been entrusted with an important responsibility like the Ministry of External Affairs.

India’s James Bond Ajit Doval

India's James Bond Ajit Doval

NSA Ajit Doval is called the James Bond of India. For the last several years, whatever be the challenge related to national security, it is Doval’s trick to deal with it and that too with success. Doval remained the mastermind of surgical strikes on terrorist bases by entering Pakistan or operation against militants in Myanmar. Be it spying for 7 years by becoming a Muslim in Pakistan or breaking the back of extremism in the North-East, the list of achievements of Doval is very long. How trustworthy he/she is of PM Modi can also be gauged from the fact that in 2020, when the country’s capital Delhi was burning in the fire of riots, only Doval was sent on the ground.

PK Mishra’s advice on important issues holds importance

PK Mishra's advice on important issues holds importance

Pramod Kumar Mishra i.e. PK Mishra is the Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ever since Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mishra is counted among his/her trusted officers. In September 2019, he/she replaced Nripendra Misra as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister. PK Mishra, a 1972-batch Gujarat cadre IAS officer, was Modi’s principal secretary even when he/she was the chief minister of Gujarat. his/her advice is very important for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on every important issue.

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