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24 carat gold is hidden in the phone, how many grams of gold will be available from a smartphone? know the truth


According to the US Geological Survey, 0.03 grams of gold is used.
It is so small that it will cost only a few hundred rupees.
Along with this, silver and copper are also used.

New Delhi. Today everyone has a smartphone in their hands, it has become more of a necessity than a luxury. There are many reasons for this as well. Due to all the work being online, the smartphone is such a device for the people which is not less than a boon. In view of the need of the people, tremendous changes have also taken place in the smartphone in a few years. Every day companies are launching new smartphones in the market. People also upgrade their phones in no time. In such a situation, either the old phone is seen lying in some corner of the house or most people dispose it when it gets damaged. But do you know that your smartphone contains gold and silver.

Yes, it is absolutely true that gold and silver are used in smartphones. Because gold and silver are one of the best conductors of electricity, hence it is used. Most of the gold is used in the motherboard. The special thing is that it is 100 percent pure gold.

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how much is gold
Now this answer may disappoint you. There is so little gold in a smartphone that it is difficult to extract it. According to a report by the US Geological Survey, if about 41 smartphones are mixed, about 1 gram of gold will come out of them. The same happens with silver as well. The same amount of silver is also present in the smartphone. Along with this, copper is also used for connections in smartphones.

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what is the price
The quantity of gold in a smartphone is so less that if it is calculated, it keeps the value between 100 to 150 rupees only. There is only 0.03 grams of gold in the smartphone. On the other hand, silver is used only for a few rupees.

what can you extract gold
Now if you are thinking that you will withdraw some gold by depositing old smartphones, then it will be very difficult to do so. Because first where is the gold, it will be difficult to spot it. Only a professional hardware engineer can do this work easily. Along with this, gold will come out so less that instead of giving you benefit, it will harm you.

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