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22 PLA fighter jets roaring on the Ladakh border, Chinese ambassador to India stirred the melody of peace

Beijing/New Delhi
China, engaged in military exercises with 22 fighter jets in eastern Ladakh, has said that India and China should cooperate with each other instead of opposing. China, which is refusing to negotiate for the removal of PLA troops from all disputed sites including Depsang, Gogra in Ladakh, said that the border dispute between the two countries is a historical issue. China insists on resolving it through dialogue.

China’s ambassador to India told Global Times, China’s official siren, ‘China and India should cooperate and not oppose each other. At the same time, both should insist on fighting against Corona and bringing the economy back on track. The border dispute is an issue that has been left by history and should be resolved appropriately. China insists on resolving it through dialogue.

22 fighter jets of China roaring on the border of Ladakh

The Chinese Ambassador said that during the recent Corona virus crisis, China has exported thousands of oxygen concentrators, more than 8 thousand ventilators and billions of masks to India. The Chinese administration has allowed dozens of Indian aircraft to bring supplies from China. This statement of the Ambassador of China has come at a time when 22 Chinese fighter jets are continuously conducting maneuvers in eastern Ladakh.

Defense sources told news agency ANI, ’21-22 Chinese fighter jets have conducted exercises across the Indian territory in eastern Ladakh. These mainly consisted of J-11 fighter jets which are a copy of the Russian fighter aircraft Su-27. Some J-16 fighter aircraft were also involved in the exercise. Sources said that the recent exercise was closely monitored by India.

India deployed MiG-29 to answer China

China has carried out this exercise from some airfields including Hotan, Gar Gunsa and Kashgar which have been recently upgraded. After the tension in eastern Ladakh, China has upgraded its military air bases adjacent to the LAC. According to sources, China has erected concrete structures to hide how many fighter planes are present at which airport.

Sources said that Chinese fighter aircraft remained in its territory during the exercise. Since last year, the activities of Indian fighter aircraft have also increased significantly in the Ladakh region. “After the deployment of the Chinese Army and Air Force this summer, the Indian Air Force has also been regularly deploying a contingent of MiG-29 fighters,” he said. Sources said that although China has withdrawn its troops from the Pangong Lake area, it has not removed its air defense systems like HQ-9 and HQ-16, which can target a fighter aircraft from a long distance.


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