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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

2 years ago Rimi Sen was scammed for Rs 4 crore, now the case has been handed over to CID

Bollywood actress Rimi Sen had filed a police case against friend Raunak Vyas in March 2022, accusing him/her of fraud of Rs 4.14 crore. According to her, Raunak Vyas had promised her a lot of profit if she invested in his/her new firm related to LED lighting. When Raunak stopped answering her calls and refused to return the money, the actress realized that she had been cheated. Now the actress narrated the whole story in the interview that what happened when. Rimi Sen told that the hearing of this case is going on in the Bombay High Court. Soon a charge sheet will be filed in it. The actress told, ‘About 3-4 years ago I met Raunak in my gym. he/she became my good friend, but he/she has cheated me. he/she is actually a conman and I have heard that he/she has cheated many people in Ahmedabad as well. A lot of my money is invested in this matter and besides, it is a little personal matter. he/she came to my house as a friend. he/she had dinner with my mother and then did this to me. I want to file this case to make everyone aware about such people. After Mumbai, he/she will choose another city, rent a house there, rent a good car, show his/her big business and trap people.

Rimi Sen said she expects justice from the court

Expressing hope in the court, he/she said, ‘I had filed an FIR in Khar Police Station about one and a half years ago. And recently I got a call from CID Unit 9 that my case has been transferred there. Daya Nayak ji is handling this case and I am sure he/she will deliver justice. My lawyer Milan Desai had filed a petition in the High Court to speed up the investigation. Justice Revati Mohite and Mrs. Deshpande have helped a lot in taking the case forward. The High Court asked to confiscate Raunak’s property, but we found out that he/she has no property in India. he/she has only bought things in the name of his/her wife or mother. But in a day or two, the chargesheet will be filed in the High Court and a warrant will be issued to arrest him/her. If he/she is abroad, it is the police’s job to send it to Interpol.’

Rimi Sen told that Raunak lied and extorted money from her

Rimi Sen told about the scam, ‘he/she promised me good returns in light business. It started with Rs 20 lakh. he/she was giving me 9 percent interest on 20 lakh. After that he/she asked me to invest more and promised 12-15 percent interest. Gradually the amount became Rs 4.14 crore! he/she paid only the first installment of Rs 5-6 lakh and soon started making excuses, saying he/she got Covid and his/her father was ill and all this. Initially I trusted him/her, as our friendship was very strong. But when he/she kept making excuses for months, I realized that it was a scam.’

Rimi Sen’s Rs 4.14 crore is stuck

Rimi further said, ‘he/she targets different people in different cities. Takes membership of the best clubs and dupes people. he/she is a family man and my morals did not allow me to drag his/her wife into this. But she was supporting Raunak in this matter. Anyway. Raunak had told me that he/she owned the house he/she lived in in Mumbai. But when the police went there, it was found that the place was on rent. My principal amount is Rs 4.14 crore, if I get the interest on it, which he/she has promised, it can go up to Rs 14 crore! If Raunak had surrendered, I would have settled by taking the principal amount, but now he/she is really absconding, so I will try to ensure that this case reaches its conclusion.’

Rimi Sen and Raunak Vyas were good friends

The actress said, ‘Ronk was my 4 am friend. Whenever I had any problem, I would go to him/her. he/she is very talented. he/she is a very knowledgeable person. he/she just misused it. If he/she had used his/her talent properly, he/she would not have become such a big name. I think if you want to sideline someone, you have to do it legally. Even though he/she has a family and a wife, I have legally sidelined him/her and closed his/her business in India. There is already a lookout notice against him/her and I have full faith in Daya Nayak ji and the judiciary that they will get justice in this case.’

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