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15 abandoned animals die in Sangrur’s Beed, 30 serious – Presswire18

Gurtej Pyaasa/Nis

Sangrur, 29 November

Today suddenly in Beed of Sangrur, one after another abandoned animals started falling on the ground and falling victim to death. By afternoon, 15 animals had died and the condition of about 30 is critical, while others are being given medicines etc. It is feared that these animals may have consumed poisonous fodder, due to which their condition deteriorated. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the district administration along with the chief reached Beed and deployed medical teams for relief work.

According to the information received, a large number of stray animals are kept in Beed located in Sangrur where they are provided green fodder from outside every day. Today, in some limited areas of Beed, cattle started falling on the ground after eating fodder and became sick and bleeding started from their mouths. Seeing this, the management there informed the district administration. The district administration sent a team of veterinarians to Beed and started relief operations but by then 15 abandoned animals had died. According to the team, the condition of 30 of these animals is critical, while treatment of about 30 animals has been started by applying drip etc.

Talking about this, Naresh Garg, President of Gaudham located in Ubhawal, said that he came to know about this this morning. He said that it seems that this incident has happened due to some poisonous substance being mixed in the green fodder. He said that a large number of stray animals and other animals live in this Beed. He said that the dead animals include cows, goats and calves. He said that a large number of Gau Dham employees are engaged in relief work.

Talking about this, Deputy Commissioner Sangrur Jatinder Jorwal said that when he came to know about this incident today, he deployed teams for relief work. Samples have been taken to find out the cause of death of these animals. The reasons will be known only after the post-mortem of these animals.

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