Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

‘120 rupees kg tomato’: Government will deal with price fluctuations, Consumer Ministry started Grand Challenge

120 rupees kg tomato
Photo: Samvad


To deal with sudden fluctuations in tomato prices, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs will launch the Tomato Grand Challenge. New ideas will be invited to improve the production, processing and storage of tomatoes. Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said, the challenge will start from now. Will make prototypes with new ideas and then take it forward.

Secretary – Price will decrease soon

The government has also swung into action regarding the skyrocketing prices of tomatoes. The Consumer Affairs Secretary said that these prices are temporary and seasonal. Soon the prices will come down. Transport has been affected due to rain in some areas. Hence the rise in prices.

Prices of many other vegetables also increased

Retail prices of tomatoes have now touched Rs 120 a kg in some parts of the country due to scorching heat, low production and delayed rains. In wholesale markets it is up to Rs 70 per kg. Along with tomatoes, the prices of some vegetables have also increased rapidly. In such a situation, these prices can turn water on RBI’s efforts to reduce inflation.

damage to crops due to rain

According to traders, tomato prices in May were Rs 3-5 a kg in the wholesale market and Rs 10-20 a kg in the retail market. But in June it suddenly increased and is now above Rs 100. Tomato prices have tripled in the last week. Due to less supply of tomatoes from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, tomatoes are coming from Bangalore. The crops have been damaged by the recent rains. Due to this, traders are erecting plants on the basis of wires. Traders of Delhi are talking to the farmers of Maharashtra to get tomatoes.

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