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₹ 100 is blown like this, if you save it, even those with low salary can become millionaires, you can do the calculation yourself

You can become a millionaire by spending less

When we go to the market, we easily spend 100 rupees on food and drink. You spend 100 rupees in commuting to and from office and having tea and coffee with your colleagues. Some people smoke cigarettes worth 100 rupees daily, but if you save this 100 rupees, you can easily become a millionaire. Even if your salary is low, you can easily save just 100 rupees per day. You don’t need a huge investment to get rich. It is easy if you invest with a strategy.

You can become a millionaire by saving 100 rupees

You can become a millionaire by saving 100 rupees

If you save only 100 rupees daily, then in 30 days you can save up to 3000 rupees. You can save big money by investing this savings through SIP. By saving Rs 100 daily you can become a millionaire in 30 years. You have to invest Rs 3000 in SIP every month. Mutual funds provide bumper returns to investors over the long term. There are some funds which have given returns of up to 20%. Through Systematic Investment Plan i.e. SIP, you can create a big fund by saving small.

You can calculate yourself

You can calculate yourself

If you invest Rs 3000 in SIP for 30 years, then with an annual return of 15%, you can get a return of up to Rs 1.1 crore. Investors can earn a profit of Rs 95.1 lakh in 30 years by depositing only Rs 10.8 lakh. That is, you can create a huge fund of Rs 1.1 crore by investing around Rs 11 lakh. With this, your dream of becoming a millionaire will also come true. You can further increase the corpus by increasing the tenure or deposit amount in SIP. You can do 35 years instead of 30 years. You can also increase the amount. The longer you invest, the better the returns.

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